Integrated management system

Safety policy

Our firm strives to ensure a safe workplace by reducing potential risks inherent in the performance of work while at the same time respecting employee health.

Quality policy

FDE SOLAR is also achieving the certification of Quality Management System, according to UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 norm.

Enviromental policy

FDE SOLAR operations are respectful of the environment; our new plant, with an area of 8000 square meters was built with the greatest of care taken to reduce environment impact. We installed photovoltaic panels, thermal panels, a regeneration plant, a floor heating system in the offices and in the factory. Currently these alternative sources are producing electric and thermal energy and are thus able to satisfy the energy requirements so that we can carry on our business.

Integrated Policy Quality Environment Safety

The FDE SOLAR SRL company intends to pursue the satisfaction and consequent growth of customer trust: for this reason, it wants to involve its managers and collaborators so that they can make their perspectives and business problems their own.
The implementation and continuous improvement of an Integrated Management System (Quality – Environment – Safety) compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and UNI ISO 45001: 2018 standards and it is the main tool of this activity.
The company, aware of the interference of its activities on the natural environment in which it is located, intends to direct its activities and future developments in a way that is as sustainable and compatible as possible.
The Integrated Management System that has been implemented manages:

  • The quality, correctness and transparency in the orientation towards the internal and external customer, with the control of all the work processes;
  • To promote the use of the process approach and risk-based thinking;
  • To promote and plan continuous business improvement;
  • To consider its PERSONNEL as a precious and strategic resource, guaranteeing the protection of its rights and promoting professional growth and empowerment for the management of the IMS and continuous improvement, through the conscious responsibility and enhancement of people;
  • To identify and evaluate the factors of the internal and external context, the interested parties and their needs, the risks and opportunities for Quality and the Environment;
  • The complete and precise identification and assessment of the risks/impacts for the safety and the environment of anyone who can be connected directly or indirectly with company processes;
  • To use the best technology available in the realization of its business objectives;
  • To develop and implement staff training and awareness programs on the Integrated Management System, in order to make each employee aware of the effects and consequences of their activities and safety in the workplace;
  • To spread its commitment to the protection of the environment, health and safety to customers and suppliers, while also maintaining a relationship of active collaboration with the supervisory authorities;
  • To commit to operate in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations, including all the requirements signed by the Company with the interested parties;
  • To identify the dangers of the activities and assess the risks for the personnel in advance and for each new activity and/or process, to allow the adoption of solutions capable of preventing accidents and professional diseases;
  • To activate analysis action for actual or potential non-compliance situations;
  • To periodically review the risk assessment regardless of change;
  • To identify training needs necessary for the correct performance of the activities in order to increase the competence and awareness of the employees, and verify their effectiveness in quality, social responsibility and Health and safety fields.

Human rights:

  • Reject the use of forced or compulsory labour and ensure working conditions that comply with applicable laws and regulations. The performance of work, both regular work and overtime work, is the free expression of the will of workers and it is free from any form of physical and/or psychological coercion.
  • Recognizes its employees the right of association for the defense and promotion of their interests, as well as the right to be represented by union bodies or other forms of representation, according to the legislation and practices in force in Italy.
  • Believes that pay policies, benefits and working conditions must guarantee an adequate standard of living for all workers; for this reason, the company promotes a working condition in which all employees receive fair and equitable compensation and benefits according to the type of work performed and the contractual framework.
  • It undertakes to respect the rights of local communities in the countries in which it operates and to reduce the social and environmental impact of the activities developed in the production sites.
  • Rejects any form of discrimination based on ethnicity, colour, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, political opinion, nationality and social origin.


  1. To involve internal staff in the QES Integrated Management System, by continually raising awareness on issues related to customer / client satisfaction, environmental impacts, safety at work;
  2. To involve and sensitize its suppliers on environmental and safety issues, in the same way as is done for its employees;
  3. To ensure the information disseminated within the company;
  4. To pay the utmost attention to technological innovations that allow a reduction in costs and / or an increase in the reliability of the processes;
  5. To ensure that its activities are carried out in accordance with both current legislation and internal requirements and procedures.


  1. To provide adequate resources;
  2. To define strategic processes and their respective responsibilities;
  3. To guarantee staff training, involvement and awareness;
  4. To promote continuous improvement as a fundamental objective for employees and customers;
  5. To guarantee continuous improvement to increase environmental performance;
  6. To continually meet its compliance obligations;
  7. To reduce accidents and professional diseases.

In the awareness that the achievement of the goals can only be achieved with the full participation of all, the Management requests the active collaboration of all the staff.