Vertical absorber.

The production of solar absorbers takes place in two specific departments for the processing of copper tube and welding.

There are 4 workstations for cutting, drilling and flanging the copper pipe side by side with as many braze-welding stations for the harps and meanders.

Thanks to the laser welding machines specially built for F.D.E. SOLAR, we are able to offer laser-welded solar absorbers in sizes from 1 m2 to 9 m2.

The welding can be done on sheets supplied by F.D.E. SOLAR or directly by the customer, in order to guarantee maximum flexibility and customization of the finished product.

We weld aluminum sheets, MIROTHERM or TINOX selective aluminum according to customer request, with thicknesses from 0.2mm to 1mm. The propensity of the Research and Development team of F.D.E. SOLAR has led the company to guarantee quality welding by combining different materials (aluminum / copper – aluminum / aluminum – copper / aluminum – copper / copper).

The quality of the product, certified according to the ISO9001:2015 and SOLARKEYMARK standards, is also entrusted to the packaging. The dedicated office studies with the customer the solution with the best quality / price ratio, in order to optimize the shipping flow and logistics costs.