The coils for food liquids cover 40% of our production and thanks to the various types of pipe we can meet the most diverse needs. It is a product that is used for various uses such as heating and cooling coffee, milk, beer, wine and water.

For the realization of the coils for food liquids we mainly use stainless steel AISI304, stainless steel AISI316L, stainless steel AISI441Li but F.D.E. SOLAR meets the needs of its customers by ordering other materials or making the coils with the material supplied by the customers themselves.

We use different pipe diameters from 3mm to 80mm with thicknesses that can vary from 0.2mm to 6mm.

The materials used are always certified and broadly cover the market demands that constantly arrive.

Depending on customer’s requests, we can create different types of coils single pipe, double, elliptical or tube-in-tube. Each coil can be completed with male / female fittings and supports.

A special department was created in F.D.E. SOLAR for the processing of this type of coil so that the material used is not contaminated. The materials and production processes for exchangers for food liquids comply with stringent requirements of the M.O.C.A. (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food).

The production of coils in F.D.E. SOLAR is usually customized: each model is made on specific customer request who can send a drawing and description of what is needed. Our Research and Development team will study and evaluate what is requested, agreeing with the customer on any changes.

According to the various situations that arise, special equipment is made for folding and winding the coil. All tube bending machines are built internally by F.D.E. SOLAR and have been CE certified for such use.