Hybrid thermal & electric panel.

FDE-HYBRID PV-T flat panel is characterized by its high absorbent surface, high efficiency and modern design. Suitable for all applications in the field of solar thermal systems, it can be adapted to different surfaces, both flat and pitched roofs, also allowing installation on the facade. The know-how of F.D.E. SOLAR has allowed the development of a PV-T module with top of the range performance, with electrical yields increased by more than 20% compared to standard PV. The high efforts in terms of Research and Development have made it possible to offer customers a unique module on the market, whose dimensions are the same as those of a PV panel ensuring total visual integration. Thanks to the use of copper pipes and connection holes on the long side of the panel, installation and connection are carried out with plug-in type fittings thus facilitating assembly operations and drastically reducing installation times.



– 270 Wp polycrystalline and 300 Wp monocrystalline PV-T panel

– Laser-welded copper pipes on non-selective aluminum sheet, internal pipes Ø8mm, manifold Ø22mm






The collector insulation is made of high performance mineral wool with 30 mm thick layers, in the back of the panel. F.D.E. SOLAR also offers the model without insulation (FDE-HYBRIDAP), so that the module can be used as a cold point of a heat pump.


The containment structure to protect the absorber is made of aluminum sheet.


Parallel connection (max 10 collectors)