FDE 2.6 MV – Solarkollektor mit vertikalem Mäander – Absorber 2,6 QM


CSolarkollektor mit vertikalem Mäander – Absorber 2,6 QM.

The thermic solar collector FDE 2.1/FDE2.6AV/FDE2.1MV/FDE2.6MV with selective flatbed has a high absorbing surface area, a high efficiency and a modern design. Suitable for all applications in the field of solar thermal systems, it is adaptable to different surfaces, either flat or pitched roof, while also allowing the installation on the facade.



Metallic absorber made of copper or aluminum or carbon steel pipes and absorber plate with highly-selective metalceramic film, laser-welded, totally built by F.D.E. SOLAR with automated laser welding. The two highly automated production lines allow us to guarantee both orders for large quantities and small batches.


The solar collector is equipped with a protective surface made of a tempered prismatic safety glass with low iron content, which optimizes the properties of transmission and reduces the reflections of sun.


The insulation of the collector is made of high performance mineral wool with layers of 50 mm thick in the back.


The containment structure that protects the absorber consists of an anodized aluminum or aluzinc or stainless steel printed tank. It is also combined with 4mm thick tempered glass without glue or silicone but with an exclusive locking technology with aluminum profiles combined with one high temperature silicone frame.
This solution allows a reduction of heat losses of about 50% compared to standard solar collectors on the market.


1)            Connection in parallel  a (max 6 collectors) –  b (max 2 collectors)

2)            Connection in series    a (On the basis of load loss) – b (max 3 collectors)

3)            Mixed connection      a (On the basis of load loss)